Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Aloha from Florida

Aloha from Florida:
Though this picture was taken in Hawaii, I will be on the beach next week in New Smyrna. Here's hoping the surf is up, though it will never equal Hawaii's standards.
I also hope to have many pleasant and inspiring converstions via this blog. This is my first one, so bear with me as we endeavor to tackle some poignant and controversial issues pertaining to the peace of our world, justice for all, and how these relate to the education of our youth.
Later Dude!


Angela Nicholson said...

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for the inspriation, both the comments about our youth and the great beach picture. This is my first blog as well. You are off to a great start. Good Luck-see you later!


bigdog said...

Hey Jamie, its good to hear and see from you. I didn't know you were now living in Gainsville, Fl home of the mighty Gators. Its so glad to hear from you and I miss u buddy. Hope we can see you sometime soon. Jasmine is now 11 and Nathan is 6. They are growing like wild flowers. Well I will talk to you soon and nice blog.


Ella Litchfield said...

Well, I am reduced to communicating with my husband via his BLOG! "J" you are great and you have a super blog.
Ella Litchfield

Mary said...

Hey Jamie,
We miss you here at Chaminade. I hope all is going well. I'll have to stop in and visit the next time I am in Florida.
Stay in touch.
Mary Smith